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There is a lot of chatter about clearing space, creating order and keeping items that bring you joy. Love it, hate it, agree, disagree or sit on an ambivalent fence, it is a good exercise to consider the process. The level of physical clutter is personal. The right clutter level for me may not be right for you.

Clutter impedes my thoughts, stifling the quiet voice of inspiration. So, I’m re-organizing, cleaning and purging when I should be writing. Yes, I have encroached on my precious writing time. The counterintuitive part is I have been producing more (and hopefully better) words in the constricted time frame. The true cause of the phenomena is not entirely clear, but I’m running with it.

Where are you on the clutter spectrum?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Ha! Love the debate on this!! Someone looks at a messy desk, piled high with “stuff” and thinks it’s a bad thing – maybe? Maybe it’s just the desk of a genius with a great memory and who can focus on ideas or projects no matter what surrounds them? Don’t ask! LOL! When you purge is that like dumping memory?

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    • Truth. I have seen the genius in action. Stacks and stacks of paper everywhere, and still able to retrieve the one piece of paper in question. I can do this too, and if I am in the middle of a project, the stacks don’t bother me. But there is a magical tipping point, usually when the project is finished, and I am compelled to clear the decks.

      I don’t think of it as dumping memories. If an item triggers a positive memory, it may land in the neat and tidy, keep pile. 😊

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  2. ironically my best friend and i were just chatting the same topic. i love this sentence, The “level of physical clutter is personal” – i cannot live with clutter, i will tidy as i go and always clear before i begin writing, i need a clean environment to work in, however if i am out and in a cafe or something that is just limited to my personal space, i can shut the world out. but my best friend and daughter love being surrounded by “stuff”!! they just like to know where the stuff is easily located. de-cluttering helps me to gift others with pre-loved items and save by not simply buying when i find stuff i need about the house.

    i so admire your consistency with this section in your blog and also the daily writing challenge, you really inspire and motivate lazy old me!

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    • I would prefer a less cluttered space, but I have inherited other people’s stuff. There is so much that many of my cherished things are still packed in boxes. I am going through it as time allows. Some say clutter is delayed decision making. I tend to agree.

      The funny thing about labeling something as “daily” is you then have to do it every day.

      How is your trip? I hope you are having a wonderful time.

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      • i am getting back to blogging and reading posts and really apologise if i miss some of them , like this one, at the back of my mind i recalled this convo but not that i replied to it, so i searched and am happy i found its source! so sorry!

        tagging it daily or with a schedule gives me anxiety, i cannot have a restraint on my creative process. so i really really admire you and how you make it happen. please know how much it enriches me, your selected words and quotes and thoughts take time and effort of which i learn so much from.

        my trip was great, i had the best time and also full of stories and images to write from. it will sustain me for a very long time. i am planning my next adventure!

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      • No apology needed. The best thing is you had a marvellous trip that has fueled your creative writing well.

        I am happy you find value in the daily quotes. I enjoy the process and the words tumble onto the page without effort. It is nice to think messages arrive exactly when we need them. 😉

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