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Poets and writers in the same category as seers and prophets? Those are interesting companions. And on a certain level, it makes sense. There are times I write, creating a story with little regard for anything other than getting words on the page. Later, as I re-read the story, I often find unintended meaning.

However, I don’t believe writers are bereft of wisdom. To the contrary, I feel writers, in the process of converting thoughts and ideas into a physical manifestation visible to others, hone their perspective to a degree where they develop their universal wisdom. Daily writing tweaks their wisdom, which further permeates the instincts and inspirations writers unconsciously invoke.

Do you rely on your instinct when you write?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


7 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. Wow! Really loved this post! Interesting topic! Seems I do a bit of both! I think I love to write the best/most from the whispers and feelings of the words speaking to me. I usually start with a seed of inspiration either in my head or something I’ve read or see in a photo. Sometimes things flow in a stream of consciousness (always super) and sometimes it is more wordsmithing – one word or phrase at a time. I like to write and repeat the line out loud to make sure it sounds as good as it feels.

    Here are a couple of poems about me writing – “I Am Not A Poet” and “The Reluctant Poet” – in my archives!! Super post!

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