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We are one month into the new year and I am working on my New Year Resolutions. My goals are numerous and ambitious. January has shown me I was overly optimistic with certain goals and unduly generous with others. No worries. Enter my editor to access, revamp and make needed adjustments.

I will put the pedal to the metal, expediting the finish date for easier goals and then removing them from my list. However, bumping the timeline impacts the remaining goals. Since I am struggling, they need work. I extended timelines, added steps and created greater details to augment the process. The benefit of completing the easier goals first is, once finished, my time available to devote to the more difficult goals expands. It is the current plan, anyway.

How are you progressing with your goals?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

4 thoughts on “Daily Quote

      • My turn to thank you, My Dear!!! I want to thank you so much for your 2019 Writing Challenge to write something every day!! I decided to try and meet the challenge and so far so good! It was really great that you included “even if it’s just a single sentence”!! That seems to have gotten rid of the pressure/anxiety of having to produce something “worthy”!! I have been doing it for over 21 days now so I’m hoping it has taken hold as a habit – for life! I am so deeply indebted to you, My Dear for this “New Shiny Habit”. Ha! Blessings to you! Hope you have a great weekend! I will put a message in your Contact.

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      • Aw Chuck that is amazing. Love, love, love you are writing every day. And you are right. The key for me was to just get started. One sentence was the commitment. And how many times the one sentence turns into so much more. Now I am ratcheting up the commitment. I was so angry, My total word count for January was just under 10K words and I will make sure that doesn’t happen for February. Keep on Writing. ✨💕✨

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