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I love restoring old items, furniture, tapestries, wooden floors, first drafts. What? Back up the bus, you say? Restoring first drafts? Yep. First drafts can be messy and rarely do they accurately reflect the vision of the amazing story we hold in our head. First drafts get words on the page, they are a passion dump, a dictation of the party in our head. Laying exposed, the black and white rendition, uncovers missing parts, plot holes, flat character arcs, grammar errors and a host of other issues.

Like Louise, the restoration process allows us to draw in missing parts, fix plot holes, intensify character arcs and correct grammar. With the pattern completed, we can reweave the story. The amazing effect is a bionic restoration. The story is better, stronger, faster than the original.

Can you rescue a piece and give it new life?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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