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Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong xi fa cai  恭喜发财

Today, February 5, is the beginning of the Year of the Pig and the Spring Festival which celebrates the end of the coldest days of winter. There is something I can celebrate. And I love New Year dumplings. Yummy. In fact, I love Chinese food. Not the Americanized versions, although many of them are good, I have a fondness for traditional fare. Friends own a Chinese restaurant, so I have access to almost homemade Chinese food less than five minutes from the house. I am getting hungry.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, if you haven’t started on your New Year resolutions, or you feel you have dropped the ball, today is your lucky day. You can start again.

Dumplings anyone?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

12 thoughts on “Daily Quote

    • Great idea. First step is to find a Chinese restaurant filled with Asians. If it is all American, you know how they have tailored the menu. Second, do they have a menu in Chinese only? That is the menu you want to order from. Talk to your server, they will help. Mmm Shredded pork with green chive is calling my name. Oink. 🐷


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