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This is smart advice. You wouldn’t run a marathon on the first day you take up running. You wouldn’t consider climbing Mount Everest if you have never taken a hike in the woods. Writing a novel or a multi-book series requires training, developing endurance, gaining experience and finding your voice.

I try to build my writing muscles a little each day. Flash fiction serve as my daily burpees, developing concise writing habits and ruthless editing.  Short stories allow me to test character arcs, plot development, and effective storytelling. The shorter formats allow me to practice, developing and reinforcing my daily writing habit. I learn from less successful pieces and expand on the stories which work well.

How do you hone your craft?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I think Write More is what works best. If you want great writing – write more and the law of large numbers will start working for you. More of your works will have a chance of being great. It’s the old more at bats theory. (Of course, this assumes you are on a continual quest of improvement )

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