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No matter how you plot, plan, block writing time and commit to keeping the time scared, life happens. The dog needs a walk, a friend needs a shoulder, or you fall asleep at the keyboard. If I waited for celestial alignment and ideal circumstances, I fear I would never write.

Luckily writers are creative, muse-driven, inspirational lightning rods and we must write when the ideas strike. While I am not sure my motion sickness would allow me to write in the back seat of a taxi, hotels, airports, and airplanes would work. I am enamored with writing in a Walden Pond environment. Maybe I should start a bucket list of writing spots.

Where is your oddest or favorite writing spot?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. i would love to go to a place like Walden Pond. I was chatting with my bestie and maybe we will both do a cabin in the woods kind of thing. I love writing in a different environment though I do best in my bed under the covers..LOL! Oddest spot…writing in the supermarket in the middle of shopping when an idea strikes!!

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