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I have learned I am not a morning person.  Early morning quiet, the new day’s stirrings, the first bird calls, the gradual coloration of the night’s black sky is my favorite time of day. I don’t attempt to string conscience thoughts into meaningful prose. It is too tortuous. Ideally, those early hours are better left to strong coffee and morning chores. It is also time for my morning characters meetings which is often a melee of conversational snippets, random impressions, and implausible situations.

With morning chores done, I have a primed pump, and I can spend several hours writing, transcribing the morning’s words and ideas. I take a break, waiting for my second wind, sometime around 9 or 10 pm., and I work until midnight.

When is your best writing time?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Mine is different. A thought—day or night—turns into a type of manic flow of words. If I happen to be somewhere I can’t write them down, I have to try to remember because the creative piece will be gone later and words without inspiration will fall to the page.

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    • Oh, I know that feeling. I had a piece that I was very keen to write, but couldn’t in that moment. When I finally had the time, I remembered the story, but didn’t have the passion to write it any longer. Poof it was gone. I hope you will always have the time to write when the story hits. ✨💖✨

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