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I enjoy writing flash fiction and short stories. Attempting to write a story with a beginning a middle and an end in 100 words, is a real challenge. Every word must pull its weight, helping to develop the setting, mood, plot, character arc and everything else that makes a story successful. Concise, compact writing is the order of the day.

Like William, I use my daily flash fiction to try new things, explore the art of storytelling, test genres and have fun. I take the germ of the idea, write freely, then edit, edit, edit. I spend more time editing than I do writing the piece. Once my warm-up flash fiction is complete, I can start the days writing goals.

How do you structure your writing day?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. I am impressed with how you can write a 100 word story. Its hard, for 100 words come so quickly. I need to put more structure in my writing days, so that I can get more done, some days it works, other days it doesn’t. Can’t say I really have a plan, though there are times that I think about trying to go to the library or coffee shop to write. Thinking that may help. My house may be quiet, but there are still so many distractions around, like, “Oh I should mop the floor, the laundry needs done, oh I need to read more of my book, etc. 🙂

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    • You are so right, 100 words go fast. Distractions can kill your productivity but they can also serve as a break to give your mind a chance to come up with an answer. Have you tried writing sprints? Write for a set time period. 15, 20, 60 minutes, then get up and move. One productivity study I read said the optimum was 53 minutes working and 17 minutes of rest.


  2. So many times I edit longer than it takes to write. And I had a lawyer tell me once that a good lawyer (insert “writer” here) takes up fewer pages when drafting a document. Though give me ample character development any day. If it takes a page or ten, that’s okay with me.

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    • So true. I believe there is a difference between concise writing and telling a good story. A good story gives you all the setting, character development, plot etc. while concise writing allows you to tell it without excess words.

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  3. I try to get up before the wife so I can have some quiet alone time to write and think or late at night time after she and Winnie (our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) head off to bed. I just need a way to convince my Muse to be “On Call”! LOL!

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