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I started my writing journey to tell the stories that were cluttering my head. Stories float and flit through my mind as numerous as fireflies on a summer’s night. But I shared Tony’s concern. Would there come a time when I ran short of ideas? Where would I get new ideas? How could I continue writing if the well ran dry?

Despite my fear, I write stories, flash fiction stories, short stories, and novels. I started with ideas for two novels and now have ideas in various stages of development for four novels. Writing stories is like cutting the head off a Hydra. Each story I write creates more story ideas, and my idea list grows exponentially longer.

Does your writing inspire more stories?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

16 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I find that when I write an entry of my day to day activities and what I’m feeling, it does inspire new work such as poems and photography. I go back to old posts and create something new with it. Anyway I never thought of it like this quote before. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. yes it does, but reading inspires me more, i will get a flashback or jog and old memory, and form there a story appears. i am so excited to read that you have so much writing in progress, that is really great!

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    • That is really neat Gina. I sometimes get ideas from something I read, but rarely. Normally, ideas flow from idea. I don’t know if having so much in progress is a good thing,. It feels a little overwhelming with a sense I need to get it all done today.

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      • it is overwhelming and I am feeling that recently, too much inspiration can be bad if we can’t focus and prioritise. I read a lot and that can be a bad thing, some materials are dark and heavy and it leaves me paralysed for days before I can get out of the emotional vacuum. I am intrigued of the ideas coming from an idea, i rarely have ideas…LOL!

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      • I have a backlog of ideas and feel a pressure, a responsibility to get the stories written. But if the next few days go like today, I might make progress. And that feels good. You jest, you have wonderful ideas. I see them in your work.

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      • thank you Jo, I feel a lot of motivation when I read your daily quote and updates, it helps me focus so much. i wish you more days like these then! a responsibility you take seriously, i need to be more like that, I start and never finish projects, and get nagged at all the time! thank you for your encouraging words my friend!

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  3. Yes, writing is wonderfully addictive. I tend to write very short stories, less than 1000 words, but occasionally I write about a character who seems to develop a life of their own. I created a School Headmistress in one short story, that quickly became a trilogy of short tales. I recently wrote a story about an adventuresome boy called Jeremy and he has now had a sequel and I’m planning to write some more. It is lovely how you create something and then your creation starts to lead you on an adventure of your own. 🙂

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