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There is a mystical realm, I know exists. I have visited, and I cherish any time I am granted in my favorite spot.  But I can’t always find my way there. It seems time spent searching for the entrance is inversely proportional to my success rate at arriving. You know the place. Real-time slows, flames fly from your fingertips, and nothing matters except converting ideas, giving physical form to the floating ephemera in your mind.

Call it the writing zone, speaking with the muse, entering the flow, they have similar qualities and the desired results. I am considering creating a sign for my writing space, declaring it a designated muse sanctuary.

How do you find your optimal writing zone?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. For me it is usually lying in bed just before falling asleep in the darkness or just after waking up, usually early in the morning while it is still dark – and then I have to get up and go write it down. Or, sitting in my recliner with my eyes closed and listening for the whispers of my Muse!

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  2. I think I am at my most creative at random times. Like little bursts of writing moments. Unfortunately I am definitely most driven by stress haha. Back in school I would write 10 page papers in a night like there was no tomorrow. Maybe my most ideal conditions are random times when I am under pressure? Maybe that’s when I need a creative break the most.

    Great post JoHawk! Really got me introspective!

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    • Thanks Jacob. I have definitely been in the 10-page paper in a night situation. But don’t discount the time you spent thinking about the paper. You were doing Vulcan mind-meld writing. 😉 If you are like me, it was already written when you sat down. There is something to be said about deadlines. 😊

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