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I admit it. Recently, I have hit the failure button a lot. While I can meet my minimum daily word count goal, I struggle to reach my stretch goal. Since my aim is to increase my daily productivity, I need to increase the days I hit the stretch goal. Because a daily goal needs to be, well, daily.

Time to conduct a study, collect data, crunch numbers and run them through the analysis machine. I discovered a pattern for the days I attained the stretch goal. The prior evening, I planned. Don’t worry kids, no outlines were harmed (or created) in this process.

Instead, I set the stage. Each session was different, but they bore similar themes. I prepared the tableau for the next day’s writing session. Think about throwing a party. You decide what you want to serve, go shopping, hang decorations, and make a few dishes in advance. The day of the party, you cook. I have a new tactic. Each evening, I set the party, so the next day, I only need to write. We’ll see how it goes.

What takeaways have you learned from your failures?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. One of my biggest lessons is always to listen to my instincts because I normally live to regret it when I don’t. The trouble is learning to tell the difference between instincts and irrational phobias, otherwise, I’d never do anything at all.

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  2. Tenacity is important, when I don’t have that for my project I have to find out “why,” and get it, because that is what drives my success, being tenacious. Don’t they say we need to FEEL we are successful, not just THINK we are.

    LOL – sounds like we need to meet for coffee and encourage each other. I’ve been wanting to get an ND shirt with a leprechaun on it. St. Patty’s Day is almost here. Will you be coming downtown.

    Question: if it is super cold and the river is full of snow and ice, how can they turn the river green?

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    • Tenacity is a great attribute to have. I’m not sure I always need a “why”, sometimes its just a burning desire to get something out into the world.

      We defiantly need to meet for coffee. However, my duties have me over-committed at the moment and it is unlikely I will get into the city before St Patrick’s Day. But we should talk.

      And yes they will turn the river green. The Journeymen Plumbers have not let a little snow and ice deter them, yet. They have been doing this since 1962. They won’t let us down. 🍀🍀🍀


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      • That is good news! Ok, I have to find your email, so I can send you a message. 🙂 I don’t check my brilliant viewpoint email very often, because ALL of the comments are with any individual messages – too overwhelming for me.

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  3. You could probably tell from my post this morning on Teamwriter that I’ struggling with my writing- specifically tense and point of view.
    Can you explain “minimum daily word count “ and “the stretch goal?” Or can you send me a link that would discuss this?
    How do you determine them?
    Enjoyed this. I’ll be following you!

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    • I am so sorry you are struggling. That is never fun. My daily goals are self-inflicted, I’m afraid. But they do move me in the direction I need to go.

      My daily word count goal is an increasing target based on actual words written. For example lets say I can easily write 100 words a day. I mark that as my daily minimum, and set my stretch goal at say, 150 words. As I reach to write the 150 there come a point were it is comfortable and therefore becomes my new daily min. That is also the point where I up the stretch goal.

      I calculate the stretch goal based on actual performance. For example if there were 3 days that I wrote 300 words instead of the 100 min and 4 days at 100, I might try to leap frog and adjust the daily min to 300 and set the stretch goal at 350. Of course the bigger the numbers the smaller the incremental stretch goal should be.

      I hope that makes sense. Let me know if I can help,


      • Thanks, Jo… I’m going to make a plan…
        I think part of my funk is that I’m up here in the western mountains of Maine and have cabin fever. I’ve given up downhill skiing because it’s just too scary at my age.

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      • LOL Cabin fever is real and I know how hard it is to force yourself to do anything. Still fresh air might help blow the cobwebs out.
        I’m not a fan of downhill, but cross country is a little like a winter hike.

        Let me know how the plan works. ✨😊✨


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