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I think most fiction is intelligent. To my mind, good stories have a core which addresses an underlying human question. The question can be personal, specific to a group, or broadly applied to the entire human race. Writers bravely tackle how it feels to love someone who doesn’t return the emotion. They explore death, and why someone might consider murder or even suicide.

The story’s question may consider why we wage war, how power may corrupt men, or what hardships people can endure when survival lies in the balance. However abstract the question, when a story presents the question in a world similar to ours, and a flawed, but believable character responds, the question becomes tangible. Stories allow us to consider how we might respond in the same situation. They may open hearts, and minds and reveal alternate possibilities which change our perspective.

How do you weave questions and answers into your stories?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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