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My writing is work, sometimes it is a difficult endeavor. My daily attempts are to write the best story I can write. Once I’m finished with the writing portion, I pick it apart, editing, tweaking and attempting to make it better. With the hours spent on each piece, it is my wish the reader feels as if the words flowed from a bubbling brook. I want them to believe my effort was simply stopping to transcribe the story. They shouldn’t recognize the effort.

How do you know your story is complete?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I like the theme here – about the work put in and how it is perceived – I did not know the Matisse quote and I do not personally love his work – but did like some of his pieces for classes when I taught art (purple robe and the way he split some paintings into quadrants with colors and nice patterns)
    Anyhow – I would not say I “want” people to not realize the effort – but the fact is they don’t –
    Especially with art. My husband is a musician and this applies to him – and to painting and then writing –
    And you are correct – a well drafted piece comes across as effortless to the reader

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