Daily Quote


Do you gaze at a brilliant blue sky as clouds drift by, and imagine pirate ships, cannon fire, and pirates swinging from the yardarm? Do you see the white fluffy bunnies chewing dandelions and carrot tops they stole from Mr. McGregor’s garden? I spy an elephant ankle deep in a river, using its trunk to splash water on its back. I have watched clouds run from the approaching storm and wondered if they found a place to hide, or were they swallowed whole by the black, rain-laden storm clouds.

Maybe the night sky conjures images of galaxies light years away and extraterrestrials orbiting their planet. I see a star plastered on a black velvet sky. I wonder if someone far away is seeking answers from this same star. Are they alone, frightened, in need of a friend?

What worlds do you imagine when you look upwards?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. This was really amusing. There have been times that I have looked up to the sky and seen clouds that look like actual shapes of animals. It’s made me smile and I have thought of the Chinese zodiac where animals represent the zodiac signs. Thanks for making me smile… soon Spring is here, then we can look up at the sky again and ponder things. RIGHT now, as you know, we are rushing from destination to destination. 🙂

    Maybe this weekend we will see a rainbow or a leprechaun and a pot of gold!

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