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While I struggled this week to find my desk and complete my daily writing assignment, my muse did not remain silent. In fact, she was like Coben’s muse, annoying, exasperating, and irksome. I wrote on the back of receipts, on my phone and tried to remember her great ideas as I drove in rush hour traffic.  When I found a pocket of time to write, I nearly screamed when someone interrupted me.

I believe my muse has become accustomed to my daily writing sessions. She was not amused when I skipped our appointed time. I did my best to appease her, to show her I still care. She badgered me. I promised her an uninterrupted writing session this weekend. She pouted. Hopefully, when I sit to write as promised, she will not be mute.

How do you tame your muse?

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  1. This is great. I think inspiration comes when we don’t have time to write, because we have given our mind a REST, somehow, our mind is not really resting… instead our mind had all these bottled up ideas and just needed “time” to sort them out.

    LOVE that you wrote on anything you could find. I do that too, because when Ideas come, they come fast and furious, we need to get them down on paper; otherwise, they are forgotten.

    I just found a children’s book illustration class that I am going to sign up for. That will be my discipline in trying to get some books finalized. 🙂

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    • LOL it felt like my brain was saying

      “Hey isn’t this the time you are looking for ideas? Well I have them right here. What do you want me to do with them?”

      So my response had to be “Let me have them.” 🙂

      Your class sounds great! And if it gives you the motivation to finish that is even better. Is it IRL or online?

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      • It’s in Evanston, at the Evanston Art Center. Unfortunately, most of their classes are during the day, but I think I can make this class. I belong to SCBWI, it is Society of Children’s Book writers, Illinois Chapter. There are SO MANY authors in Illinois. I get emails daily from the group where they share information and success stories.

        Do you belong to a writers association? If not, I highly recommend joining. It is very inspiring and they talk about conferences coming up, book signings, etc.

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      • It’s not a critique group… you should look for a Writer’s Association for your genre. For example, my group, Google it, is International. I receive a quarterly newsletter that has great information in it. I have access to writers who share information on writing good Query letters, etc. I have not met anyone yet, by choice, but hearing them talk to each other keeps me inspired and focused. What type of book are you writing?

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  2. Loved this post so much!! Ha! If only my muse would badger me more often instead of being a flittering, fluttering butterfly that I diligently have to search for or wait for her to “alight”!! I think Muses like the complete and undivided attention they receive when we sit in solitude in the darkness of the wee early hours. They seem to be jealous and want our undivided attention! Bellissimo!!

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