Wisdom Re-Imagined – Weekend Writing Prompt

Title: Wisdom Re-Imagined
Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt #98 – Impervious
Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 99 words.

Photo by Dave Ruck on Unsplash

Like the mountain goat, Moritz selected his footing carefully. He scouted the rugged terrain, searching for a spot impervious to the winter snows and spring mudslides.

The villagers in the valley below laughed, but Moritz remained steadfast, immune to their taunts. He trusted the overhanging wall would protect him. He dragged building supplies to the narrow strip of land next to the sheer cliff face.

He worked his dream, his structure took shape, and the winter snow proved his case. Those in the valley saw Moritz’s wisdom. With work finished on his new home, they called him a genius.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

23 thoughts on “Wisdom Re-Imagined – Weekend Writing Prompt

  1. toil and perseverance, I like Moritz. even when it was hard and no one there to support him, he went on, for he had a vision of what could be. we all get sidetracked and demotivated, your story reinforces my belief that we need to just keep on, hard work does pay off. thank you Jo, i needed to read this today. sending you hugs and blessings!!

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