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Monday morning dawns to remind you of the work ahead this week. Emails stack up, unread in your Inbox, deadlines loom in anticipation the month’s end and questions queue outside your office door. The pressure can feel daunting, or exhilarating, or a complete bother.

It never fails. The more you accomplish the more items appear on the never-ending list. The adage says if you want something done, ask the busiest person. I am wiser and I have learned politely decline those requests. My personal list is far more important, and it is more satisfying to compete.

How do you balance your list with requests from others?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Daily Quote

  1. I’ve written about the spiritual insights of warriors in my book Fighting To Win, among them: “Among your affairs there should be nore than three or four matters of great conecern, ” and the term Mokuteki hon’i, which mean “Focus of your purpose.” Select one major thing and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. Do that night and day, sacrificing everything else, and you will achieve the results you desire.

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    • Insightful stuff, David, and difficult to achieve in our modern society. Social norms apply incredible pressure to be everything, do everything. Even those who are able to resist those temptations still have the pressure of work to support basic needs and family obligations. Unless your desire is the day job, focus is splintered. The price of sacrificing everything else is too high and causes many to give up in frustration and resignation. Some of us look for ways to thread the needle, knowing the road will be longer but hoping to persevere a level of humanity. Great comment David.


  2. I think that to achieve exceptional things the person must have exceptional personal qualities, among them the abilitty to sacrifice, even what you’ve considered essential. I’m niot talking about the majority of people who accomplish very little.Gifted achievers can’t be run of the mill, but rather individuals who make you gasp with what they can accomplish. It is my Law of Give Up To Get that says to achieve anything worthwhile you must–must– give up something important to you.–at least for a while. If there is one quality that all great creatives possess it is the discipline to give up. Great writers have always been great giver-uppers. That is easy for them. though, because the ordinary things that are important to the majority of people have no apeal for them. Thank you for your compliment, and best wishes to you.

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    • The individuals who can sustain those criteria are few and far between and they pay a high price. And I agree there is a price to be paid for attaining whatever level of success we aspire to achieve. The key then becomes a matter for price. How much are you willing to pay/give up? Intriguing conversation.


      • JoHawk, they are few and far between, but to truly excel in most fields–like writing, which is chancy to begin with– you must be driven, and must take chances. Most people are too timid for that. For example, long ago I told my wife that my plan was to take a gamble on success. I was the sole support of six people–had four children–and my plan was to reserach and write a book in a year during which I would have no income but I would focus on the book and finish it, and if it was good it would be published. My wife said, “That’s fine with me,” She didn’t hesitate. but had confidence. I worked on the book an average 18 hours a day–no income.The book was finished and picked up by a publisher immediately, It became a big seller. I made lots of money and bought a new house. The book was highly regarded, and I was quickly signed to write another book.. I know that most people would not have done that but that didn’t matter to me because each person is an individual who is different from everyone else, and is tasked to govern their life as they see fit. .


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