Shattering Illusions – Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: Shattering Illusions
Source:  Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that uses the word eminence.
Word count:  99 words

Jules was his father’s second son. He was deemed the spare heir to the kingdom. Always second best, he fought to win favor, to stand free from his brother’s shadow. Each passing year, the competition between them grew.

Their rivalry forced his vision higher, to the eminence of Mont Aiguille. He imagined looking down onto his brother’s domain. Determined, he focused on his goal, fought through doubts and fear until his kingdom became a reality.

He grew stronger than the mountain, hardening his heart he stood alone, freed from the shadows, he realized there had been nothing to prove.


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Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. i am intrigued by the last line and realisation, was it all futile for some reason. the struggle between brothers, a timeless tale, yet can be told in may different ways

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