Blogging from A to Z Challenge — Letter E


Today’s Positive Adjective:
Erudite: having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying

Atwyna closed the cover of her book and blinked. As she rejoined her physical body, she noticed the room had grown dark and cold. She rubbed her eyes, surveying her surroundings. She estimated the time was approaching nautical dusk, but she was unclear which day.

Petting the large tome on the oak library table, Atwyna was sure it had taken possession of her mind for a least two days. The grumbling in her stomach was another clue. Her chair scraped and squeaked along the floorboards as she pushed away from her workspace and tentatively stretched muscles frozen from inactivity. Feeling seeped into her body and she smiled as she reentered her favorite place.

Her library contained her most prized possession, works she had painstakingly searched, bartered and paid dearly to obtain. She had outfitted the entire room with long boards that reached the rafters. Countless books filled each shelf. Stacks of dusty scrolls protruded from the shelves, poked into any available cubbyhole.  There were delicate parchments, some entombed in worn, embossed folios while simple leather straps held others together. Her desktop was lit by a skylight high overhead, so as not to waste valuable wall space with windows.

There was a soft tap before the door creaked open, admitting a white kerchiefed head. Blue eyes sparkled, and a grin painted the young face when she saw Atwyna reclining in her chair.

“How is my favorite erudite wizard today?” she asked bursting inside. “Done with the book I see.”

“Yes I finished, Marin.”

“Good, good,” Marin nodded and bustled around the room stoking the stove and lighting the lamp on the table.

“Supper will be ready in a few minutes. Then you can get a good night’s sleep.”

Atwyna raised her hand motioning for Marin to stop.

“I’ll eat, but then we’re leaving.”

“Leaving?” Marin smoothed her apron with the palms of her trembling hands.

Atwyna rose and wrapped her arm around Marin’s shoulder.

“Then you found the answer?” Marin whispered.

“Yes, it will be a long journey, but I think we can save your brother.”

Tears pooled in Main’s eyes, but she squared her shoulders and smiled at Atwnya.

“Looks like I need to finish supper and start packing,” she said.


Keep on writing.

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