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Deming was a professor of statistic at New Your University’s Graduate School of Business Administration from 1946 to 1993. He also consulted for private businesses. His seminal work was in Japan after World War II, where he worked with Japanese business leaders on “Statistical Product Quality Administration”. We often credit his principles with the Japanese post-war recovery and its rise to the second largest economy in the world.

I wonder what he would make of the disruptions we face today. His workers lived in a time before smartphones, text messages, laptops, emails, and tablets, before 24/7 access to shopping and dining options, and endless streaming content. What is the multiple we should apply to his fifty interruptions per day statistic? I can deflect, ignore or acknowledge fifty distractions in an hour. It impacts my productivity. I have felt ideas and trains of thought slip from my grasp at the chime of a bell.

Do bells and chirps, clicks and clacks, vibrations and knocks on your door impact your concentration?
Keep on writing.
Jo Hawk The Writer

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