Daily Quote


It is a wonderful start when the muse presents you with a complete story, whispering details in your ear. If she is feeling generous, she delivers a riveting beginning, a fast-paced middle, and a satisfying end. She supplies a great plot, well-rounded characters, and intriguing subplots. Let’s be honest, I have deadlines and no time to wait for her to grace me with her presence. I sit at my desk for my scheduled writing session. My goal is to crank out words. And I have bubkus.

I type and a narrative develops. A protagonist appears, and we become acquainted. Together we embark on our journey, poking under leaves, splashing through streams, looking for trouble. It is a grand adventure. Other characters enter to either help or hinder our progress. Sometimes the muse drops by, reading over my shoulder. If I am lucky, she will offer a suggestion. Otherwise, we kick possibilities around and try one or two on for size. Soon, our time is at an end. The tale is a warp. No muse needed.

Are you an adventurer, or do you rely on an itinerary?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer