Wisdom of the Ages – Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: Wisdom of the Ages
Source:  Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story about growing older
Word count:  99 words

It was the time of Antiquity.  The temple rose, constructed with care to mark a sacred spot. Tested by fire, its original purpose faded from consciences. Each day, the sun painted the walls in a soft luminous glow, recording the years, decades and millenniums. The Oculus recorded the words of countless stories and etched them on the dome’s geometric perfection.

Time evolved, morphing into something different. It became elastic and unimportant. Wisdom replaced foolish desires and meaningless acquisitions of petty trinkets. It distilled the truth, divulging the secret 0simplicity of being, seeing and feeling with no reservations, without judgment.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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