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I’m not a patient person. My modus operandi is setting huge goals and compiling long to-do lists as I schedule my daily and weekly tasks.  Friends and family council me, telling me I am too optimistic, too unrealistic and too driven. They caution me to decrease my breakneck pace, saying I will burn out and quit.

I have a slow speed. Sometimes I downshift into low gear. I recognize it is necessary and healthy to disengage and relax and I take days away from my work. I can do nothing… for a while. Extended periods of rest and relaxation increases my stress, it grates on my nerves, my anxiety escalates, and I can’t sit still. I pace the floors, roaming from room to room, desperate to find an activity to keep my hands and mind engaged.  I know I will attain my goals because I cannot stop.

How do you relax?


Keep on writing.

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4 thoughts on “Relaxing Fast – Daily Quote

  1. I think many of us get like this. Meditation is important, it helps us when we slow down to focus on the answers we need in obtaining our goals. I have full confidence that you will reach your goals – they are not unrealistic, being driven is good — just need to be healthy about it, so you don’t become worn out. I enjoy your Daily Quotes, I am driven too. Every day our energy level is different, but if we stay focused on the dream/goal, it will happen! Just imagine you’re at a table signing books and you’ve run out of books… you can’t even believe the line is so long, YOU DID IT! LOL

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    • LOL Love this, my friend. I have had co-workers and other tell me I need to slow down because I’m making the rest of them look bad. 😮 Funny you mention meditation. Just a few minutes can really help, especially when thing are really busy. It is a good indicator about when I need to unplug. But it sounds like you know that downtime is only good for so long… then it becomes stressful. Thank you for your support my friend. I greatly appreciate you and your comments. 😊

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