Breaking Free – Thursday Threads

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Dodd stared at the slashed canvas. He still couldn’t believe Professor Addison had destroyed his work in front of the entire class.

“Cliched,” he said with the first cut.

“Uninspired,” he branded the second slice.

“Laughable,” his final slash of the utility knife toppled work onto the floor.

No one breathed, waiting for Dodd’s reaction. He stepped forward, retrieved his painting and left. When he arrived home, he threw it in the corner where it remained.

“You should know, Professor Addison is embarrassed,” Katie said smoothing the canvas pieces together.

“As he should be.”

“Aren’t you’re being a little harsh?” Katie glanced at Dodd before returning her attention to the canvas.

“Me? Harsh? What if this was your work? How would you feel?” Dodd turned and strode to the loft’s windows.

“He regrets his actions.”

“No. He regrets my canceled payments.”

“He says he understands. He doesn’t expect you to pay his fee, he just wants you back.”

Dodd laughed as he faced Katie.

“So, tell me, Katie, how many others have left his class? I wonder why? Perhaps they worry the tyrant will mutilate their work?” Dodd gestured to his painting.

Katie hung her head, and a ping of sorrow coursed through Dodd’s heart.

“Is there any way I can convince you to return? Consider your future,” she begged.

“Your husband is a brilliant artist and jealous of anyone who might surpass him. His actions tell me, my time has come. I promise you — The future will be different.”


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