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Everyone knows Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, searching for a trade route to the Far East by sailing west. What most don’t realize is Columbus completed four voyages across the Atlantic. On his final trip, his most ill-fated voyage, he explored the coast of Panama. He missed discovering the Pacific Ocean, which lay twenty miles across the isthmus of Panama. The obstacles, hardships, and distractions he navigated to chart the paths for those who followed him, overshadows his failure to reach his intended destination.

Columbus had a singular purpose. He was persistent, petitioning the heads of Europe to fund his voyage until winning the support of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. His ultimate objective was bigger than he was. His life and trials are an example for us to remember when we face difficulties as we pursue our ambitions. They say to reach your goals you must be persistence, do your best and learn from your mistakes. Don’t overthink things and stay focused on what you can change today, and don’t give up.

Is your chosen goal large enough?


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