Balancing Summer Schedules With Writing – Daily Quote


The thought of spending six hours a day writing sounds like a wonderful indulgence. Summer schedules change and it is impossible to ignore family picnics, concerts, festivals and chasing fireflies in the yard as the dusk falls. A good night’s sleep and the long summer days repeat.

Time to write is at a premium. Creating moments to compose stories instead of allocating hours, becomes a tall order. Early mornings before the house wakes, nap times, lunch breaks, or dictating while you drive may help. Burning the midnight oil, or claiming a weekend retreat at a coffee shop are other options.

How do you fit writing into your schedule?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

9 thoughts on “Balancing Summer Schedules With Writing – Daily Quote

  1. We find time to do what we love!!! So, if there isn’t enough time it’s a matter of moving it up your list of priorities! Early mornings and late nights are the best time when everyone is still in bed. The other great time to reclaim for writing is all the wait time we have in our daily life. Having a smartphone that does audio recording is a life saver for capturing ideas, thoughts and phrasing in addition to writing Haiku and Elfchens. It helps to be retired too! Ha! I do empathize with those who still have to work but mostly with Moms! I am amazed and in awe of all the women on WordPress that are Superwomen and still find time to write!!! Bravo for you!!!

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