How Desperately Do You Desire Amazing Results – Daily Quote


We hear people tell us great achievement emanates from a big dream. Visualize your heart’s desire and attraction brings it to you. Success requires more than good thoughts. You can imagine you have six-pack abs, but they won’t materialize unless you commit to doing the reps. Completing a regular exercise regime guarantee results. Many individuals say they wish to become a writer. You must determine how desperately you crave the title of author. You must want to write.

The daily work is difficult. No one is born a master of their field. Practice, patience, perseverance and dogged determination are required to get through the learning curve. Mastery can be a long journey. Every day we decide whether we keep going or if we quit. For me quitting is not an option.

How desperate are you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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