Bathing Daily to Maintain Motivation – Daily Quote


Today dawns with a promising beginning. The rising sun wakes us and prompts our morning rituals. One ritual is reviewing what I want to accomplish before I must return to sleep. Excitement grows. Everything is possible, and passion provides the catalyst for action.

We can nurture our motivation. The question is how do we create enthusiasm for our project? A sense of responsibility? Desire? A daily bath removes the grime of the world, and daily motivations remove negativity from the mind.

What triggers your motivation?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Bathing Daily to Maintain Motivation – Daily Quote

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    Good post. Awesome question. Men not being at the place in life where I want to be triggers my motivation. My inspiration which fuels my motivation is Yahawah Bahasham (God) allowing me to see another day so I can get it right.

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  2. I enjoyed your photo. This is so funny, because it is raining outside and it is an uplifting photo on a rather gloomy morning. I was listening to Louise Hayes this morning on audio for inspiration/motivation. A friend recommended her, she’s very good.

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