Adapting to Prevailing Conditions – Daily Quote


Writing to Megadeth’s head bangs or a coffee shop’s chattering of human voices with no discernible words are both doable options for me. I write to the strains of classical music, in total silence, with nature’s chirping birds, or a blaring tv program.

I find my writing regime doesn’t require specific conditions. Waiting for the perfect condition is a luxury I can ill afford. The planetary alignment occurs every blue moon which is sporadic, and I need to write more often. I must add to my daily word count goal. I adapt and create when and where I am able.

What is your preference, music? Silence? Earmuffs? A coffee shop’s din? Something else?

Maybe a little Megadeth?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Adapting to Prevailing Conditions – Daily Quote

  1. When I write, I do like music on, but so I don’t get distracted flipping between songs, it either has to be an album I’m familiar with and like or the radio. I can also work in silence, but that’s not common for me. I like the background noise and I like when is background noise I enjoy (like music). That being said, I only really ever write at home. Though I think if I really had the drive, I could write elsewhere and be caught up enough to not really pay attention to background noises.

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    • Love it. Someone once told me music is bubblegum for the brain, and that idea has worked for me. Music keeps the censor part on my brain occupied so I can get words and ideas on the page. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


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