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In business, there is a proven technique for attaining long-term improvements. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which focuses on continual improvement. We can apply the method to every aspect of life. It relies on small changes which snowball and over time, culminated in growth, advancement, and progress. There are six steps: Standardize, Measure, Compare, Innovate, Standardize, Repeat.

Standardize: What are you doing today? You have a process, you just might not realize it. Study what you are doing and commit it to paper.

Measure: Be objective and examine your current workflow to determine where you are efficient or inefficient.

Compare: Inspect your results and plot them against your goals to see if your present operation is moving you in the direction you wish to go.

Innovate:  Search for a better way to execute your plan. Your innovation can be big or small. Studies show that modest incremental changes get superior payback because they are easier for you to achieve and faster to integrate.

Standardize: Implement your innovative ideas and make them part of your daily practice.

Repeat: Once your modernized workflow is a habit you start the process over again. Until your baby steps lead you to your target.

How are you progressing toward your goal?


Keep on writing.

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  1. Kaizen… I remember when I started working in electronic manufacturing and my manager was giving me books to read about the Kaizen philosophy to business. Very clever comparison! Thanks for making me smile this morning.

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