Creating Stories with the Anonymous Voice – Daily Quote


I have a secret. It’s embarrassing when I am caught, and I discover someone is listening. Talking to myself, in my head and aloud is a normal occurrence. I assure you, my conversations are rather mundane. Where is my phone? Did I pay the bill? Should I buy lemons at the grocery store? Who is knocking on my front door? Why did I come into this room? Those are typical topics I explore almost daily.

Late at night when the house is finally silent, questions fade and grow quiet. The voice changes and my evening adventure begins. I have heard it since I was a child. It has told me bedtime stories, created imaginary characters, and fantastic worlds. It is my trusted companion. Together we work through complex issues, solving the day’s problems. I write the tales I tell myself and share them with my friends.

What stories will you tell yourself today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Creating Stories with the Anonymous Voice – Daily Quote

  1. LOL – that is my kind of quote! If I didn’t talk, encourage, reprimand MYSELF on a daily basis, I wouldn’t get anything done! My father always said, “the ONLY person who helps you, is the person you see in the mirror everyday.” In the end, this is a true statement, because we know what our goals are and often if we share those goals with family/friends they give us a lot of negative talk… so we have to distance ourselves from the negative talk to stay focused on what it is that WE envision for ourselves. Going it alone is HARD WORK, but I do think your Daily Quotes are a great way to stay FOCUSED! THANK YOU for inspiring us.

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