Financing an Addiction for Reading and Learning – Daily Quote


Owning books is a joy. I appreciate seeing my dear friends staring at me from their homes on my bookshelves. I relish running my hand across their spins and visualizing the words, worlds, and adventures we experienced together. These are my true companions and I am determined we will never part company. I enjoy reading eBooks and listening to audiobooks, but they can’t compete with the tactile aspects of a real, hardcover book.

I am lucky so many purchased volumes populate my bookshelves, but I also exercise my library membership. It is not unusual for me to have five or six on loan at any point. It comforts me to know that money is not a barrier or an excuse for not reading different genres. The library is a great resource for indulging without making a financial commitment. I am more likely to purchase a book I have borrowed and read from the library so it can find a home on my shelves. These copies I recommend to friends or lend to family members.

Do you supplement your purchased books with library books?


Keep on writing.

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7 thoughts on “Financing an Addiction for Reading and Learning – Daily Quote

  1. We don’t have any bookstores in my town. Closest good one is 40 minutes away. Our library system, of which I’m the finance manager is top notch. All my books come from the library. This might seem strange since I’m an author and would seemingly be a proponent of book ownership, but in truth, I just want to be read.

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  2. I love the library. I smiled when I went to the first Amazon bookstore in Seattle, because they made it so beautiful and ALL books faced outward, so you could read titles and see the cover art. Even they knew that the best way to sell a book is for people to see the book and buy in hard copy. Good marketing, they also were selling their Kindle there.

    I have also gotten used to the OverDrive App. Wonderful to look through ebooks/audio books anywhere in the world and then download them for free.

    By the way, more and more young people are reading hard cover books on the train. Wonderful to see!

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    • The library is a great place. I like reading online or on an app, but I love a real book. There are some studies that suggest physical books allow for “deep reading” as different parts of the brain are used to read a book as opposed t a screen. I need to find out more but we may be hard wired to read hard covers. 😊👍📚📚📚

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      • Yes, I think that is why so many young people are on the “L” reading hard covers… also, if you pull out an Ipad or Kindle to read it might get stolen like phones do. FUNNY how there is ALWAYS a way to get people to “go back” to hard cover! 🙂

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