Dancing Beneath the Fireworks – Daily Quote


Watching brilliant-colored fireworks explode over the lake followed by booming concussions is a fond memory. It is a real-life example of light traveling faster than sound. I associate firework displays with Fourth of July Parades, windblown picnics, blankets spread across sandy beaches under a dark night sky and waiting. Not the anxious waiting we experience daily. It is something delicious. This is calmness, which provides space for deep breathing and savoring the exquisite anticipation of the coming nighttime show.

This is the reason I look forward to this holiday. There is no frantic rushing around, no expectations to meet or strive to exceed. Rockets bursting in air delight our eyes. The explosions penetrate and shake our souls awake. They make us smile and laugh and remind everyone they are alive. Even the smallest of hometown performances cannot disappoint the gathered crowd. Who could be disappointed by joy?

How will you celebrate your holiday?

Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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