Daydreams for Planning Your Success – Daily Quote


There are advantages to operating on energy saving mode. It forces you to do away with nonessential tasks. Eliminating the distractions running in the background gives you the space to clear your mind. With the noise silenced, your thoughts can wander. You can reflect. There is freedom in letting yourself explore untraveled paths and imagine beauty. You remember the joys of daydreaming.

People considered this practice selfish and a waste of time. But history is full of individuals who lived in their imaginations. Dreamers like Einstein, Newton and the Bronte sisters lead the list. There are studies which suggest a link between positive constructive daydreaming and success. Reflective thinking unlocks alternatives you might not have otherwise contemplate. By allowing ourselves to imagine our future, to consider positive outcomes to various scenarios you visualize and plan for happiness.

Are you using your daydreams to construct your future?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

10 thoughts on “Daydreams for Planning Your Success – Daily Quote

  1. Computers and internet have taken away day dreaming. When we were young, we “had” to day dream, but now, I don’t think our mind has much time to relax. Last night, I walked to the Lake around 7 pm. By chance, I met an older woman who was going to take a swim, but the life guards were just about to go off duty. No swimming when they leave. She had reddish glasses like I have, that was amusing. She said she usually goes in morning for a swim, to exercise. The water is cold, but once in it is nice. She said she was a divorce lawyer.

    While we were talking, we looked out at the Lake, it was really beautiful… this reminded me of my childhood, no cell phones, looking for special stones, skipping them… I haven’t done that in a long time.

    I realized that to be creative, as you mentioned, we do need to slow down and allow day dreams to enter our mind and that means leaving cell phone at home and venturing out in nature, and enjoying life as we did as a child. This lady and I were both feeling the same, wanting some quiet time at the Lake to feel like a child again. It was very nice. GOOD QUOTE, a reminder to day dream more this summer… it will help with the writing process, yes!


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