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This week has been odd with the holiday folded into the middle. It fractured my routine, leaving some required tasks, unfinished. A missed workday doesn’t mean my to-do list is any shorter. We must pick up the slack somewhere. Enter Saturday, the ultimate flex day, the precious catch-up hours designed to prevent this week’s work from derailing the plan.

Scheduling flex time is a long-standing habit I began while I was in school. Crazy, intense, demanding calendars are my life, but I also like to have fun. A lot of fun. And I hate missing spontaneous events because my agenda owns me.  By giving myself a buffer, I gain flexibility and reduce my stress.

Do you use Saturday as your catch-up day?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

13 thoughts on “Utilizing Saturdays for Stress Free Scheduling – Daily Quote

  1. I wish my Saturdays could be stress free. Saturday is my day to do all the writing stuff that never gets done during the week. Though these days it has been hard to even get things done on the weekend.

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  2. I don’t know what is my catch up day but every once in while I will take a day off to “catch up”. I work Saturdays too and then usually have a lunch meet up and before I know it it’s Sunday. Happy 4th of July! So it was not the entire week off just the one day?

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