Learning to Get Out of Your Way – Daily Quote


We’ve all experienced the stark terror of staring at a blank page. While we may have an intended topic or a brilliant idea, the empty space mocks us and we freeze.

Sheet physical willpower is my answer. I force my fingers to move, ignore the panic and type whatever words reach my fingertips. No matter how crazy it sounds, or banal, or weird the phrases seem, I let them flow. I push negative thoughts from my mind, shush the critic and turn off my editor. With each successive word, the process becomes less forced and I can feel a trickle that promises the flood. As I relax, sentences emerge, which quickly spin into paragraphs. Hours pass, and the once barren page, now overflows, leaking across multiple sheets with a story.

How do you address a blank page?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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