Digging Deep to Achieve the Dream – Daily Quote


Being a writer is difficult. It doesn’t look hard. You just type words. A monkey can do it, right? Ahem, well no, not really. The story matters, it is personal, and you are putting yourself at risk. Deep down writers dream of telling tales that connect human beings. Stories people love. Books which readers will read past their bedtime to finish and recommended it to both friends and strangers.

Authors shoulder a heavy burden, of high expectations with each blank page they face.  Why do we wonder when we crumble from the pressure? Storytellers can’t help themselves. They see scenes playing in their mind, their characters are real, almost human. The story drives them to create, making their visions tangible allows them to present a gift with the world. They hope the audience will laugh and cry, that they will cheer the hero onward, curse the villain and demand more when the drama comes to its end. They believe they must share the creation they carry.

Do you believe?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

8 thoughts on “Digging Deep to Achieve the Dream – Daily Quote

  1. This is the struggle I deal with each day I sit to write. All those questions swirl in my head until I’m left feeling somewhat incompetent – as if there’s more I could have and should have done with a story after I share it. And it never gets easier with practice. Writers face a constant wall of pressure and I’m still trying to find the key to working around it.

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    • Jeff, “painting a vivid picture” is a great place to start. But I feel the underlying objective of storytelling is to create an emotional connection with the reader/audience. As I reader, I want to identify with the MC. I will suffer through many structural issues to see what happens at the end of the story.


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