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Recent press has covered the trend of working a side hustle. For me, it is my world. Others question how I have accomplished huge goals given my busy life. They dislike my answer. I work hard and I get shit done. I lean in and embrace my strategy. My secret weapon is multiple checklists, one for the day job, another for the side hustle and a few for various projects. I cram them to overflowing, designing them to be impossible to complete. People complain, telling me they are bored. With my extensive lists, boredom is not an option I can afford to entertain. Even while binge-watching tv, I occupy myself with simple chores which don’t require my full attention. When I remove an item, crossing it from the list, I often add five more.

How do I manage the whole enchilada? First, I give myself permission to fail. My agendas are impossible, and I expect tasks will remain undone. I celebrate the things I finish and leave the rest for tomorrow. Second, I schedule every waking hour. I have set hours for work, writing, sleep, major commitments and assign items to time holes. To squeeze everything into my day, I eliminate distractions and I am not afraid to say no. Others think this is harsh, but what they call dreams, I realize is my future. Today’s dream is my reality next week, in six months, or years from now.

Are you ready to hustle?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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