Mounting an Expedition Toward Success – Daily Quote


We regret to inform you the escalator to success is out of order, please use the stairs. In case you missed the memo there is no fast track to your dreams. Here is where most stumble. We live in a world of instant gratification, dopamine-fueled pleasure-seeking addictions to social media likes, tweet, and notifications. With those chemicals coursing through our systems what chance do we have of meeting a goal which will need not days, but weeks or months or years to reach?

Consistency applied daily with incremental improvements can help form habits that move you toward your goal. Consider the preparations, Sir Edmund Hillary needed to summit Mount Everest in 1953. He had years of training climbing other mountains, the cooperation of hundreds of people before he ever set foot at base camp. Imagine his struggles, the fortitude, persistence and his consistent pursuit of his goal.

Do you consistently pursue your goal?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Mounting an Expedition Toward Success – Daily Quote

  1. Enjoyed the “escalator out of order” versus “stairs analogy.” Here’s what I think. For some people, they might not have to get off the escalator. Are they brilliant? Not necessarily, maybe the content of their book/story was what was trending. Selling books is about marketing. So, we can write a story that “we like,” but if it is not a story that will sell, then it does not matter how many times we try to edit, rewrite it, an Agent won’t pick it up.

    Then there is self-publishing. If we just want to see our name in lights, then we can go that route. There are different ways to getting published.

    Then there is that expression, “slow and steady wins the race.” Right now, I am on the stairs, but my goal is to get back on the escalator… AND FAST! (just kidding)

    Thanks for making me smile. Every morning I will think… escalator or stairs today! Like exercisers always say, “take the stairs.” Hard work is rewarding. Have a good day.

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    • Very good points, I would guess even the ones who appear to have ridden the escalator have spent a huge amount of time on the stairs. There are many paths on the journey to reach a goal, I think that is what makes attaining them so much fun.

      I am happy I made you smile. Have a great day.

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