Giving Up to Get Ahead – Daily Quote


It’s easy to view successful people, entrepreneurs, star athletes, and envy their fame and fortune. They live a dream life, the existence we want for ourselves and our families. We wonder what makes them special and why our desires have not materialized. We don’t consider their path to greatness. Their road may have required sacrifices, no parties, missed movies, waking early, strict diets and forsaking staying out late. They have spent hours, days, weeks and years relentlessly pursuing their vision.

To advance toward our goals, we must make difficult decisions. Focusing on a single target means letting something else go.  In a world where they coach us to “never give up” we can find ourselves forced into a life of contradiction, tension, and lack of progress. We race through an endless list of activities. Exhausted and discouraged we try harder without focus, sporadically work longer hours and condemn ourselves to tread water.

By shutting a door we open opportunities behind other doors. How many times have you heard someone who has experienced a major failure say it was the best thing that ever happened to them? They had to quit one situation to reconsider their beliefs and free their minds to alternative possibilities. The truth is, only you can decide what is worth giving up.

What are you willing to let fall away to achieve your goals?


Keep on writing.

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  1. For the past 15 years, my wife and I have both passed on jobs with 24/7 connection, long commutes and high travel. If we were willing to accept those things we’d be in a different socioeconomic class. It’s been an interesting experiment.

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