Attention Bloggers and Writers – Small Victory

It has become my morning ritual over the last weeks to check and see how many of my posts have been reproduced without my permission.
(Try, every last one of them since February).

But I refuse to stop posting and wanted to believe that somehow, this situation would be remedied.

TYGPRESS.COM is not authorized to post content from this blog on their site


This morning I was greeted by this message: is temporarily out of service due to technical issues. will be back soon… was created with an intention to create a blog search site , but due to some techical issues, full contents of respective sites were being displayed instead of just excerpts as intended. We thank the complainants for bringing this issue to our notice and We are extremely sorry to the content owners.


I hope their “technical issues” continue. I will be checking back regularly.

And I will be much more vigilant in the future.

For now, I know that our Blogging Community does have an impact.

Thank you to everyone who took action.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

13 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers and Writers – Small Victory

    • They were apparently pulling from the WordPress Reader. It seems everyone who checked was finding their posts republished. It was sickening, and I spent hours completing infringement forms, as did others. I am happy for now. Just wary they will be back.🙁

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  1. That’s great news! I noticed mine was linking back to my original blog site where is said “more” – it was only an excerpt, so maybe they did have good intentions, but it’s best to be wary in the future.

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