Red Hot Hope – 100 Word Wednesday

Title:  Red Hot Hope
Source:  100 Word Wednesday: Week 129
Word count: 100 words

Image by Bikurgurl

Jamie collapsed against the steering wheel, letting the diesel engine idled. Sweat poured down his neck, pooling under his hatband. AC vents blew hot air. Removing the ball cap, he tossed it on the metal cashbox on the seat next to him.

Yesterday he had reached the end of the road. He spent his last dollar to set up at the street fair. A scorcher, wrapped in humidity, fanned by the flaming grill, it was his only chance.

Exhausted, he knew he had done his best. The take was enough for tomorrow and Jamie breathed as the AC kicked in.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

18 thoughts on “Red Hot Hope – 100 Word Wednesday

  1. I love the verbs you used here to convey the message – so lively and full of action, it really lends a reality to your tale. Grit. Determination. I just wonder how it will end! Thank you for joining us this week ❤

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  2. hardworking people have this irrepressible grit and determination to face whatever challenge, I like how the story you told also gave us an insight to his true character. ah and so glad the aircon kicked in!

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