Midnight Nightmare – Flash Fiction

Written for BrewNSpew Café Writing Prompt
Thanks, Eugenia.

I must sleep. It’s been hours, days, and yet it terrifies me. Sitting on the edge of my crumpled bed, I grasp my head in my hands. Alone in the dark, I’ve barred the doors, checked them twice, and my mind says I am safe. It tells me to relax, find my pillow, close my eyes, and fall asleep.

I listen to my good advice, lie down, exhale, and breathe deeply. It lasts until I begin to toss and turn, and my legs tangle in the sheets.  I reach for gossamer bindings that dissolve as I touch them, releasing me so I can stand and walk toward my bedroom door. I step outside.

Fog, mist, vapors rise, obscuring my vision of the road and the black leafless trees. Animal eyes wink in the distance, judging me, hunting me. I try to run, but it paralyzes me, unable to move, it forced me to face the terror.

Somewhere an engine revs, a menacing growl that vibrates through my body. Moments pass, I hyperventilate as claws sink into my skin. I scream. Eyes bulging, I stare into wicked orbs.

Midnight regards me, annoyed, she shifts and yawns, stretching her mouth wide.  Parked on my chest, my black cat purrs and I swear she smiles an evil smile.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

17 thoughts on “Midnight Nightmare – Flash Fiction

  1. Oh my, excellent imagery! I can just visualize awakening to the cat. Intriguing and compelling piece and you are a great storyteller! Thank you for participating in the challenge. 😊

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  2. when the mind is too awake and darkness has much excitement. an insomniac’s diary. i like the gossamer threads and mist, all relating to the foggy brain of that hour

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