Make It A Summer You’ll Never Forget – Daily Quote


Sadly, summer won’t last all year. Back to school sales remind parents and students the end looms on the horizon. Summer plans lay forgotten, buried under half-empty sunscreen bottles, beach towels, and procrastination. Time to find your list. It doesn’t matter if work has interfered with your best intentions or if you have indulged in too much summer entertainment. The answer is the same. Make the most of your week and double down on your weekends.

The workweek becomes more productive with a deadline and a desire to enjoy what summer remains to the fullest. Realization is in the air and coworkers schedule their vacations. Fewer meetings, fewer distractions create room to focus and finish. Temperatures are hot and the weekends are for celebrations. I plan to delay binge-watching my favorite shows, saving them for crisp autumn nights. I’ll revel in these lazy days. Bon voyage.

How will you spend your remaining summer days?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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