Improving Your Attitude is Not Rocket Science– Daily Quote


I have been thinking about my attitude a lot recently. I have read comments posted across the internet of people saying to various authors, “You are a success because you are special. But I can never attain the same level of achievement.” Those remarks hurt my heart. I wish I could speak to them, reach them, convince them they are wrong. Experience has taught me it is folly to force reform on someone who doesn’t want change.

I have heard the arguments. Sure, some fortunate individuals have negative outlooks and horrid attitudes, but most prosperous people are optimistic. Studies confirm it. If you constantly expect the worst outcome and project failure, your inner choices align to confirm your hypothesis. We have all fallen short, failed, missed our moment and made mistakes. It doesn’t pay to get discouraged and comparing ourselves to others is often our biggest mistake. The best course of action is to stand up, lift your head, adjust your attitude, determined to keep going. It requires a strong character and a positive mindset.

Changing your outlook begins with acceptance. I stand here now, and I won’t be here forever, just right now. Each morning, I wake thankful for another opportunity to become better than I was yesterday. I find a single action that will move me one step closer to the person I dream of being. I will arrive someday, but not today.

Is your attitude holding you back?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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