Pursuing Meaningful Rituals – Daily Quote


We face hundreds of choices daily. We make mundane decisions without a thought. What to eat for lunch the route we take to work may be inconsequential. But we often opt to pursue a new career or move halfway around the globe, life-altering moves, taken with little regard to consequences. Large or trivial, each decision has the potential to impact the quality of our world. Conscious reflection leads to a developed philosophy as opposed to relying on emotions and gut instinct. Writing, reasoning, and contemplation allow us to lead an examined existence, one worth living, they say.

The process boosts my rational mind. It composes my thoughts. Through my work, I discover clarity and direction. It helps me develop a phenomenal vision of the future. Cultivating extraordinary farsightedness grants me the ability to imagine a destiny built on intention. Living in a manner aligned with my core values crystalizes as I compose. The more I write the more self-fulfilled I feel, which feeds my reasons for continuing my ritual. Now there is a nice Catch 22.

Why do you write?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer


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