It Starts with One – FFfPP

Title: It Starts with One
Word count: 200 words


Sandy hobbled past the people milling around the pickup counter. The barista slammed her Grande Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato behind two carry out trays. Their owner was busy yelling at his phone to notice his order was complete and in the way. Her gnarled hand pushed them to the side. Moaning softly, she reached for her cup.

“Those are mine. Why are you touching my drinks?” The man rushed forward bumping into her, as he thrust his arm between them.

Startled Sandy turned, her shoulder strap caught on his sleeve and her purse tumbled to the floor.

“You ignorant old hag. What the hell are you doing?”

His voice was loud, and Sandy’s skin prickled. Everyone was staring at her.

“I, I’m just trying to get my coffee…”

“How ‘bout you wait your turn? Look. Your cheap-ass bag ruined my sweater. Do you know what this cost? You’re buying me a new one.”

Another man stepped between them, grabbed the drink trays and shoved them at the man’s chest.

“Leave. Now. Before I find your grandmother and tell her how rude you are,” he said, expecting to be obeyed.

Grumbling the offender headed toward the door and the crowd cheered.


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