My Shot at A Better Attitude – Daily Quote


As a writer, I spend hours in various local coffee shops, presumably writing. But sometimes, when the muse is mute, I observe the baristas. An adorable male barista repeats his customer’s orders.

“A tall blonde, no room, for a tall blonde. I should have guessed,” he jokes, and everyone chuckles.

“Venti double shot espresso on ice?  You know, they should call this one ‘The Jackhammer’,” he says as he shakes and jumps his way to the caffeine machine. His customer laughs until he reaches the exit where turns to wave with a shaking hand.

The other barista on duty is having a bad day. He sighs, he rolls his eyes. He laments he always gets the cranky customers. But, as I watch the patrons, their orders and the interactions, the only difference is the barista’s attitudes. The first one loves his job, or maybe he’s just decided to have fun while he works. His coworker is marking time, watching the clock tick away the moments remaining on his sentence.

Attitude is everything, and it is completely within our control. How might a change in your point of view affect your outlook or your business? Life is crazy, and it’s easy to succumb. I use what I call my 30-second meditation. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath, I hold it all inside. Then in one sweeping movement, I release it all and smile. Attitude adjusted; I opt for fun.

Maybe I’ll give The Jackhammer a shot.

What attitude do you choose today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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