The Joys of Unlocking Dreams and Passions – Daily Quote


Keys fascinate me.  A bolted door piques my curiosity and my imagination creates untold treasures. I don’t understand the logic of hiding them from prying eyes. Shrouded in darkness, sealed tight, the owners ban even themselves from enjoying the beauty of the pieces.

People hold strong feelings and valid reasons for bolting their homes or leaving them unlocked. Ironclad defenses prevent theft some say, while others profess criminals will find an entry, by picking a lock or breaking a window. Locks only deter the honest.

Contrary to popular belief, having wide-open doors is not just a brash phenomenon unique to rural homeowners. One thirty-year New York City resident admitted never locking her apartment. Another individual stated they didn’t have a key. Founded or imagined fear is a great motivator.

I treat security a bit casually. I like when friends stop and let themselves in without knocking or ringing a bell.  It symbolizes home and conveys trust and love. That feeling is more important than the possibility of losing precious possessions. You can replace material items.

I feel the same about concealing talents and passions. It makes me sad when someone says “Oh, I have always wanted to do that, but I can’t.” They have locked away a passion and prevented their authentic, inner gifts from shining. They rob themselves of joy and deny everyone the pleasure of connecting with the charm of their genius.

What dreams have you locked away?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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